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Over the past 14 years, we have helped students with their assignments for a variety of courses at Narsee Monjee University (NMIMS), including MBA, PGDBM, PGDHRM, PGDIT, PGDMM, etc. We are among the industry's pioneers, and many of students have benefited from our assistance in completing their assignments on time and receiving high grades. All of the issues that students could encounter are well-known to our team of professionals, and our services are adapted to meet each individual student's needs.

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Assignments for NMIMS May 2024: Important Updates

As the university announced the submission date, which is 29th May 2024, you must all turn in your NMIMS assignments by the deadlines in May 2024. So why do you still wait? Simply get in touch with us to reserve your solved April 2024 assignments.

• Internal assignments constitute 30% of the total course requirement.

• All nmims assignment solutions will be strictly checked for plagiarism and only unique solutions will be accepted.

• All your nmims assignment answers should not be copied from other students.

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Best NMIMS Solved Assignments for May 2024 on a Budget:

Get high-quality NMIMS assignments that have already been finished through our excellent services, all of which are very cheap. We are experts at figuring out NMIMS assignments for many classes, such as the highly regarded MBA, PGDBM, PGDHRM, PGDIT, PGDMM, and many more. At SolvedProject, we are committed to providing perfect, original material that is carefully written to meet the requirements of your university. Contacting us is very easy—just use WhatsApp or Phone calls, and you'll be able to get NMIMS Assignment help that is designed for your specific academic needs. Our team of experts is ready to give you perfect solutions to your NMIMS Assignment. We have a group of distinguished Ph.D. holders with experience in a wide range of subjects, as well as a group of writers with multiple degrees. Rest assured that we have everything you need, no matter what subject or field of study you choose. Let us help you do well, and you'll experience excellence like never before.

We have all Subject’s Assignments are Available for You

April 2024 NMIMS Assignments

Semester 1

Management Theory & Practice

Information Systems for Managers


Organisational Behaviour

Marketing Management

Business Economics

Financial Accounting & Analysis

Semester 2

business law


essentials of hrm

decision science

strategic management

operation management

Semester 3

Brand Management

Capital Market & Portfolio Management

Cloud Computing

Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI

Compensation and Benefits

Consumer Behaviour

Corporate Finance

Cost & Management Accounting

Cost & Management Accounting

Customer Relationship Management

Digital Marketing


Emerging Technologies IoT, augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

Enterprise Resource Planning

Financial Institutions and Markets

Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics

Industrial Relations and Labour Laws

International Business

International Marketing

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Project Management

Manpower Planning Recruitment and Selection

Marketing Strategy

Operations and Supply Chain Strategies

Organisational Culture

Organisational Theory Structure and Design

Performance Management System

Project Management

Sales Management

Service Operations Management

Total Quality Management

Custom Shipping and Insurance

Export Import Procedures and Documentation

Indian Foreign Trade

Marketing of Financial Services

Procurement Management

Retail Banking

Supply Chain Management

Taxation- Direct and Indirect

Warehouse Management

Introduction to Retail

Merchandising Management

Retail Store Design and Location

Retail Store Operation and Inventory Management

Semester 4

Business Ethics Governance & Risk

Digital Payments

Employee Development & Talent Managem

Insurance & Risk Management

International HR Practices

IT Security and Risk Management

Managing Business Process Outsourcing

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management

Lean Six Sigma

Marketing Research

Research Methodology

Services Marketing

Strategic HRM

Advance Supply Chain Management

Insurance & Risk Management

International Banking & Foreign Exchange Management

International Finance

International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

New Product Development and Managing Innovation

Treasury Management in Banking

World Class Operations

Global Retailing

Strategic Financial Management

Handwritten Assignments for NMIMS University

At Solved Project, we believe in the art of education. We understand that every student's academic journey is unique, and we are dedicated to enhancing your learning experience with our handcrafted solutions. Whether you're a student at NMIMS University, pursuing a degree elsewhere, or preparing for exams, we have the perfect support for you.

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Explore a vast array of subjects, from Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations to a wide spectrum of fields.

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Achieving good marks in NMIMS Assignment April 2024 Unlocking the Opportunities of May 2024 NMIMS Assignments

Increasing Your Assignment Grades: The Secret to Successful Academic Career

The importance of the assignments for the December 2023 semester in the academic programme at NMIMS cannot be emphasised. Thirty percent of your course requirements are made up of these internal assignments, and doing very well on them can significantly improve your overall GPA. For a variety of reasons, though, not every student finds it simple to receive excellent grades. Here's where we come in, providing professionally written NMIMS assignment answers at reasonable prices to help you succeed.

The Barriers That Numerous People Face

Complex Subjects:

For many students, fully comprehending the subject matter might be a challenge. Assignment errors might be ascribed to a lack of understanding, or occasionally pupils require further time to fully understand the material. We're here to help these students receive the grades they deserve by offering assignment solutions at reasonable costs.

Language ability:

Some students may find it difficult to complete assignments even when they have a firm grasp of the material because of their poor written English ability. We can close this gap by supporting students in finishing their assignments, enabling them to get the grades they deserve.

Formatting expertise:

There are precise formatting rules that must be followed while writing academically, including for internal assignments. Universities have strict guidelines on typefaces, margins, spacing, and other things. Many students don't know about these rules, which leads to tasks that aren't finished. Students who want to succeed academically need to carefully follow these formatting guidelines.

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Join the thousands of NMIMS students who have used our Solved Assignments to achieve academic success. Our constant dedication to excellence, affordability, and on-time delivery has established us as the preferred option for NMIMS Solved Assignments.

Why Choose SolvedProject Pvt Ltd for NMIMS MBA Tasks in May 2024?

SolvedProject Pvt Ltd is extremely proud of its standing as a trustworthy and legitimate company that provides accurate solutions for NMIMS assignments. We have helped more than 1500 NMIMS students finish their assignments successfully, with an amazing success rate of 87%. Our skilled staff at SolvedProject Pvt Ltd constantly performs above expectations, giving you the assistance you need to succeed academically.

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We take pleasure in producing original, one-of-a-kind writing that is free of plagiarism, so your work will stand out as distinct.

References and Formatting:

Our formatting and reference services are free of charge, making your assignment easy to read. We also include a free table of contents, reference/bibliography pages, and title.

Unlimited modifications:

We guarantee your complete happiness with the finished product by providing free, limitless modifications.

Prompt Delivery:

We promise to deliver on time every time, so you can be sure that all of your submission dates are met.

Confidentiality and Contentment Promises:

You can be confident that we will earn your trust by guaranteeing your privacy and happiness with our job. Our MBA NMIMS writing services are dependable and reasonably priced. We provide affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Choosing to work with us on an MBA assignment is an investment in a more promising future.

NMIMS MBA Writing Services Cover a Variety of Courses:

Operations Management

Business Management

Human Resource Administration

International Trade Management

Banking and Finance Management

Marketing Management

Supply Chain Management

Retail Management

Accounting for Operations We stand out for our attention to your success, timely assignment completion, and precise answer delivery. Our skilled and subject-specific assignment writers are masters of their craft, guaranteeing you a smooth and trouble-free experience. Our mission is to fulfil your needs and support you while you pursue your academic goals. Don't worry any more; provide your tasks to us, and we'll take care of the rest. Our excellent writing services will open doors to academic success.









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Our Mission and Vision For graduate students enrolled in their numerous online courses, we offer assignment writing services. Depending on the particular courses, different students have different requirements for submitting internal assignments. We offer assignment writing services in the format demanded by awarding universities.

Business Analytics
Marketing Research

Our client & there opinion.

Your NMIMS projects due in May 2024 will be handled by industry experts at Solvedproject, and we guarantee excellence in all of our work.


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