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NMIMS Solved Project

NMIMS Project and Synopsis for Upgraded MBA PGDBM Download the PDF or DOC file for a sample topic format guide for writing services in marketing, finance, human resources, and business analytics.

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NMIMS solved project

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NMIMS Project Report for MBA

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NMIMS project for HR

Get MBA HR projects of the highest caliber at the most reasonable price on a range of human resource practices, characteristics, and topics. NMIMS MBA HR example project You can get an MBA HR sample project for NMIMS from solvedproject. All of the NMIMS guidelines are being kept in mind as we develop our sample project. Samples can be used as guidance when creating your project because they are clearly stated and simple to comprehend.


(1) Marketing Managemen(2) Human Resource Management(3) Financial Management(4) Banking and Financial Management(5) Operation Management(6) Supply Chain Management(7) Business Management(8) Information Technology and System Management(9) International Trade Management(10) Retail Management

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A student must choose their Project based on the specialization they have chosen to study.Please be careful to choose the acceptable Project for your Course and Specialization. 50 pages minimum and no more than 100 pages maximum. The Project must be written in MS Word, and then the typed MS-Word file must be converted to PDF before being uploaded to the site. No handwritten or scanned picture files will be considered, and they will get a score of 0. After the deadline has passed, NGA-SCE will not evaluate or accept any late submissions. Project Hard copies supplied by students to Authorized Enrollment Partner / NMIMS or sent by courier will not be accepted.

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